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Cindy Johnson, National Bra Fitting Expert

How do I know if I’m in the wrong size bra?

What makes Cindy Johnson stand out from other experts in the lingerie industry is her constant contact with customers and product. She’s not locked away in an office, Cindy’s on the sales floor at SOL everyday fitting real women, so she’s able to provide first hand experience on product fit, and the best classic and new styles that are best for different types of women. Because of this, she is uniquely qualified to answer one of the most frequent questions she gets asked.  “Cindy, how do I know if I’m wearing the wrong size bra?” Read more...

What is the most important thing to look for when buying a bra?

Cindy’s Johnson’s intimate knowledge of what is involved in making lingerie fun and comfortable is unparalleled. It’s her passion and her life’s work to make sure that women feel and look amazing in their bras and lingerie. Everyday she fulfills her mission to provide women with beautiful, perfectly fitting bras, underwear, shape wear, hosiery and lingerie. Her time on the SOL sales floor only reinforces her love for the industry and her customers. One of the questions she hears a lot?  “Cindy, What is the most important thing to look for when buying a bra?”  Got any guesses? Let’s see what Cindy says. Read more...

Where should I go to get fit?

It’s so important to be properly and correctly fitted for a bra. Until a professional helps you determine your size and the best styles for your body, bra shopping is frustrating at best, uncomfortable at worst.  Cindy Johnson believes that bra shopping should be fun – and as one of the nation’s top bra fitters with more than twenty years of experience, she would know. In fact, when the TODAY Show need a bra expert, they call Cindy Johnson. And, even though Hoda and Kathy Lee share their bra concerns with her, Cindy’s favorite questions come from her customers at SOL. One question she hears people asking a lot: “Cindy, where should I go to get fit for a bra?” Let’s find out. Read more...

What styles of bra should I buy?

Cindy Johnson is a charismatic and creative businesswoman who has intimate knowledge of what is involved in making lingerie fun, comfortable and accessible to women. Every day Cindy's mission and the mission at SOL – Store of Lingerie is to provide women with beautiful, comfortable, perfectly fitting bras and sleepwear while offering a superior level of customer service. Because of Cindy’s reputation nationally as an expert, and because of her passion for helping women choose the right bra and panties for their wardrobes, she’s often asked for her advice. She hears questions like, “Cindy, what styles of bra should I buy and how many?” It’s one of her favorite questions to answer: Read more...

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